The video and data solution for your entire organization.

When all your teams are on a club-wide Hudl package, everyone has equal access to the tools they need.

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Here’s what you get:

Hudl video and data tools for every athlete and coach, at all levels within your club.

Recruiting resources to help players get noticed in a remote world.

Agreement terms that best fit your needs.

Unlimited game breakdowns from Hudl Assist, including key stats and advanced reports.

One platform for the 
whole club.

Support your coaches with best-in-class video analysis products. Discover and develop each player’s skills—whether they’re playing games or not—with personalized feedback and remote coaching tools.

Get your players noticed.

Video has never been more important to recruiters than now, when they’re unable to travel. Highlights and game tapes are the key to reaching the next level. Give your athletes their best shot possible with recruiting profiles and must-have resources.

Your stats and reports are waiting for you.

Club-wide Hudl packages include Hudl Assist subscriptions for every team. That’s unlimited access to our analysts, who stat your games in less than 24 hours, and includes interactive reports that tie every data point to video.

Align your club behind your philosophy.

Get everyone on the same page with the club’s mission and values. Plus, with just one invoice to worry about, you can focus on what matters—leading every team, coach and player to accomplishing the club goals.

We’ll provide the training to get your staff up to speed.

Easily learn the ins and outs of Hudl with dedicated, personalized training sessions. Coaches can dive even deeper and learn at their own pace with online webinars, courses, how-to videos and tutorials.

“[Hudl is] always looking to do whatever’s going to help your sport, whatever’s going to get you back to just coaching and mentoring these kids.”

Alyssa Legrand
Club Director, Nebraska Juniors Volleyball

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